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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

[ArtistOTD] Shirt Boys

Artist: Shirt Boys
Genre: Vigilante/Punk/Indie/Pop
Location: Halifax, England ,UK
Label Type: Unsigned

Here at Twitter Tunez, we aim to promote unsigned artists and try to help give them that big break. This band are one of number we have looked at, and with a little bit of publicity and guidance, they can go a long way to reaching their full potential.

The Shirt Boys consist of Chester and Blueshirt and were formed in the Big Six pub in Halifax in September 2009. Originally envisioned as a modern day, more British version of the A-Team, their services were engaged by a female friend in order to 'deal with' a male acquaintance who was essentially stalking her. Over some fine ales, they decided to write a theme tune.
Upon realising that they were basically rubbish at being vigilantes, they decided to concentrate on their music and released the cunningly titled "Shirt Boys" as a free download. This was followed up by it's righteous counterpart "Dub Boys".

In October 2010, the Shirt Boys released a free download Halloween single "I'll trick or treat YOU" which has become a firm fan favourite, straddling, ska, dub, 70s standup and garage rock.

Last Christmas time, their only commericial venture to date – “Coalition Christmas(we’re all in it together)” – a savage attack on the current political situation, received impressive local radio coverage – and is still available through itunes.

Be sure to check out the Shirt Boys on any of their social networking sites!

(P.S we at Twitter Tunez are as yet undecided as to whether the Shirt Boys are absolute geniuses or complete lunatics either way they are one of the most interesting new artists we have heared in a long time)  



  1. They are good eggs :))
    Please check the INSPECTOR, their last track!! By the way, when are they having their first gig? I would be happy to be their manager hehe

  2. Great stuff. I particularly like the Hallowe'en song and The Inspector.

  3. Anonymous, we think we know who you are! To the public, we didn't put him up to this!

    Waverley Woods - thank you very much!!!!